High Energy Costs Got You Down?


  • Eliminate power factor penalties.

  • Increase operating power.

  • Reduce surge damage costs.

  • Correct harmonic distortion.

  • Provide total energy optimization.

With today's skyrocketing cost of electricity many industrial processors are looking to Voltage Solutions & Integration Group for practical solutions to lowering these costs.

Power factor penalties may or may not appear on your monthly bill...BUT YOU ARE PAYING THEM.

Power factor is the measure of how efficiently you use the electric energy provided by your utility provider. If your electric bill does not reflect a power factor penalty then it is being built into your monthly demand charge.

VSI is a systems integration firm with the engineering expertise and superior product resources to correct power factor deficiencies in your facility. We can assist you with the interpretation of your monthly electric utility bill.

Power Limitations

VSI representatives can provide proven solutions to expand your facility's available power by reducing amperage demand.

Perhaps you've added additional process equipment requiring more amperage than your transformer can provide. Your utility company may be able to provide more service but it will come with a big price tag.

VSI representatives and engineers can provide power factor correction solutions that will reduce the amperage demand on your existing transformer, thereby allowing for future growth without the necessity of buying more service from your utility provider.

VSI power factor correction systems can reduce your amperage demand by 30% or more.

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